Sochitel international mobile remittance services

Sales & distribution channels

A little... means a lot!


Sochitel has a Virtual top-up (VTU) platform which provides end to end API interface for:

  • E-POS Electronic channels
  • Vouchers & physical cards
  • Wholesale & Bulk distribution
  • OVERSEAS TOP UP e-commerce retail sales
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Global Outlet Network

UK - 30,000 Outlets
U.S.A. - 6,200+ 7Eleven Stores, 3,000 ESSO Garages
Canada - 14,000 Terminals
Indirect Global Outlet Network - roughly 420,000 Outlets in Europe, Middle East and SADC

Sales and distribution channels

Sochitel E-POS electronic channel

Voucher receipts can be bought at over 24,000 electronic terminals in PayPoint, outlets all over the UK, tens of thousands of locations in USA, Canada and over 420,000 electronic terminals throughout the world with other partners. Sochitel is currently rolling out products and services through its own electronic terminal estates around Europe, North America and Africa.

Vouchers & physical cards

Physical international top up recharge cards produced and manufactured by Sochitel and sold through vendors and retail outlets throughout the UK, Europe and USA.

Wholesale & Bulk distribution

Sochitel supplies wholesale airtime where companies can buy as a reseller at discounted rates. Reseller partners can buy and sell in bulk and choose the most convenient virtual airtime system which best suits their business needs.

Overseas Top Up ecommerce retail sales.

For online purchase, all available countries, networks and other point of sales visit
We enable customers to send airtime to over 400 mobile phone networks all over the world IN SECONDS - using their OverSeas Wallet ™.