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Digital Access for Africa

Products Range

Sochitel supplies over 7,000 digital products and services including mobile airtime and data, bill and utility payments, e-vouchers, and lifestyle payments from over 400 providers across 150+ countries worldwide.

Our clients and partners integrate with us via a single point API connection, alleviating the strain of having to maintain numerous supplier relationships. For some relationships, we even deploy our own platform to allow partners to benefit from our full range of services and connections without the need to develop their own capabilities.

Our world leading platform specialises in wholesale and bulk distribution of digital products and services, plus provides an end-to-end API interface for E-POS channels and vouchers and physical cards, allowing you to reach your customers quickly and effectively via a range of global channels.

Our key product offerings include

  • Airtime Top Ups
    Providing end-users with direct access to top up themselves or 3rd parties in domestic markets. Empowering international migrants and globally mobile end-users to pay locally and top up, ensuring they are always connected.
  • Mobile Data Top Ups & Data Plans
    Providing mobile data top up plans, without the hassle of first topping up airtime and dialling operator specific data activation codes.
  • Lifestyle, Utility and Bill Payments
    Providing access to digital products and services including TV subscriptions, electricity payments, food vouchers and a range of other value propositions from over 150 countries worldwide.
  • E-Vouchers
    We supply a broad range of e-vouchers for the World's leading brands, supporting your business to grow its product portfolio and/or offer incentives and rewards to staff and customers digitally.
  • Rewards and Incentive Programs
    We enable our partners to achieve their goals by using digital offerings like mobile data as an incentive to help drive specific outcomes such as customer acquisition, product adoption, usage or loyalty rewards.
  • Bulk Data
    We provide businesses with unique data solutions. This may be to keep their staff connected, their digital assets online or give them the ability to sponsor data for their digital customers to interact with their brand.
  • SMS Services
    Our SMS platform enables our partners to send bulk SMS to their customers for marketing, transaction completions and/or verification purposes.
  • Launching your Digital Products & Services Worldwide
    Our unique position throughout Africa, Europe and North America means that we can distribute your digital products and services to consumers on a global stage, managing online and physical distribution channels, and offering payment and collections solutions

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Global Outlet Network

Our physical Distribution partners include:

United Kingdom – over 12,500 post offices across UK
Canada – over 7,500 Canada Post locations across Canada
Canada - 14,000 Terminals
South Africa – over 7,000 Pay Spot locations across South Africa
Over 29,000 Paypoint terminals in UK

Sales & Distribution Channels

Sochitel E-POS electronic channel

Voucher receipts can be bought at over 24,000 electronic terminals in PayPoint, outlets all over the UK, tens of thousands of locations in USA, Canada and over 420,000 electronic terminals throughout the world with other partners. Sochitel is currently rolling out products and services through its own electronic terminal estates around Europe, North America and Africa.

Vouchers & physical cards

Physical international top up recharge cards produced and manufactured by Sochitel and sold through vendors and retail outlets throughout the UK, Europe and USA.

Wholesale & Bulk distribution

Sochitel supplies wholesale airtime where companies can buy as a reseller at discounted rates. Reseller partners can buy and sell in bulk and choose the most convenient virtual airtime system which best suits their business needs.

Overseas Top Up ecommerce retail sales.

For online purchase, all available countries, networks and other point of sales visit
We enable customers to send airtime to over 400 mobile phone networks all over the world IN SECONDS - using their OverSeas Wallet ™.